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Our Story


The vision for Contour Homage comes from Stephen Vard an award winning designer and passionate car enthusiast, as well as an amateur race driver in both Porsche and Historic racing.

Stephen started his career in design inspired by his love of automotive design, he started as a product designer in New York and London later returned back to his native Ireland to build a successful branding design studio

Stephen Vard - Founder
Stephen Vard – Founder
Prototyping bespoke elements
Prototyping bespoke elements

Some years later Stephen combined his passion for automotive design, precision engineering and materials by channelling his creativity into his true obsession to honour the design and vision of the worlds greatest car visionaries and designers

The result Contour Homage, is the creation of outstanding works of bespoke sculpture art. The work honours both the beauty of the original car design, as well as the makers impeccable craftsmanship and engineering skill

HRCA Historic Racing Series - Mondello Park
HRCA Historic Racing Series – Mondello Park
Visual Study Stage
Visual Study Stage
Modelling Stage
Modelling Stage
HRCA Historic Racing Series - Phoenix Park
HRCA Historic Racing Series – Phoenix Park

“This work is my genuine passion, the honour as an artist to work on the most magnificent automobiles ever designed in collaboration with the owners is so inspiring and rewarding” 

Founder Contour Homage